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Final Cut Pro X Course


Final Cut Pro X Course starts from the beginning and assumes no prior knowledge of Final Cut Pro or any other Mac-based video editing. Our tutorial walks you through the complete post production workflow, from initial media import to final output and everything in between.
Previous experience with other editing software is not required. Your are guided through each step of the process.

User Interface & Tools

The first big step in learning new software is becoming familiar with the layout and the tools.

01:16 - Clips vs. Film Strip View

01:58 - Showing/Hiding Windows, Button Functions

04:29 - Background Rendering

05:28 - User Preferences

Project Setup & Media Import

Learn how to set up Libraries, Events, and Projects. Also covers importing media, setting up proxies, and organizing with keywords.

03:26 - Importing Media

08:10 - Keywords

10:20 - Proxy Media

12:25 - Deleting Library Generated Files

Basic Editing & Titles

Learn the basics of editing tools, titles, and safe zones.

00:20 - Playhead vs Skimming

01:20 - Titles & Lower Thirds

02:13 - Compound Clips & Title Safe

03:42 - Basic Volume Adjustments

Sync & Multi Camera Editing

Learn how to speed up multi camera workflow

00:25 - Sync Audio with Video

01:20 - Audio Channel Change

02:07 - Setting Up Multi Camera Editing

04:44 - Using Keyboard to Edit Cameras